A great artist brings an innovative, unique and exciting show to the stadiums. Four dates for the Cesare Cremonini concert: 5 three-dimensional LED bars able to move in space with an extraordinary effect and for creating video content in an absolutely unique project.
“Cesare wanted us to make the videos in a totally different way from what is usually done for this type of tour: no 3D graphics or animations in motion graphics or video clips” says Paolo Gep Cucco, creative director of D-wok and Prodea Group. “We then proposed a little madness, recording everything that would go on air, making three-dimensional plexiglass boxes of the same size of the LEDs. In this way, the effect of the bars has become absolutely realistic, matteric, physical “.
With a 4K camera positioned at 45° on a specially created structure, the D-wok team has experimented fluids, fumes, analog distortions, leaves, infinite mirrors, ice, neon, creating a repertoire of images then remapped on the LEDs. The stage effect is therefore real, integrated with the lights and lasers to give the impression of physically moving the LEDs, to make them transparent and true. A project of experimental video design but at the same time absolutely pop for an artist who confirms himself with these 4 dates at the top of Italian music.