With a great futuristic show, the curtain falls for the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of Lsct, La Spezia Container Terminal, first private terminal operator in Italyand that is part of Contship Italia.

3,000 square meters of show area, 120 containers, 1500 live spectators, 25 performers and acrobats on stage transformed the Calata Paita quay into a gigantic open-air theatre.

The show, lasting approximately 90 minutes, saw alternating scenes of three-dimensional lights, lasers, and fire performances, traceur parkour and international acrobats, who accompanied the audience on an immersive journey told by Dario Vergassola, a La Spezia born and bred comedian, and Lara Balbo, a young Italian emerging actress.

The containers are precisely the central elements of the set design, together with the train that was used consecutively as a further stage wing and an intimate“living room” for interviews. At the heart of thescene; the story of Lsct and its employees and managers.Set among the iconiclocations of La Spezia and told in anunprecedented show ”Between the stars and the seas”.

A great event to celebrate 50 years of LSCT.