Prodea Group S.p.A obtained ISO 20121 certification for responsible event planning

The need to engage in sustainable development has now become not only a formal but a substantial need worldwide. In this context, Companies, by their very nature, must represent the ideal context for exploring and incorporating the principles of sustainable action, anticipating changes, adopting innovative solutions, and making them operational for the community.

Within this framework – and within a global vision that favours partners and clients who work inspired by principles of sustainability, responsibility, and transparency – Prodea Group S.p.A. closed 2021 with an important success: the achievement of ISO 20121 certification for the sustainable design and production of events and promotions in the communication sector.

This certification – which in fact makes Prodea Group the reference partner in Italy for sustainable event management – translates into the adoption of a series of measures ranging from the selection of suppliers to the choice of accommodation facilities, from zero-km catering to recycling and reuse, all seen under the lens of environmental, economic, social, and cultural impact.

But the desire to demonstrate that the complexity of the events industry can be managed by adopting a sustainable approach does not end with the certification process. In 2021, in fact, Prodea Group organized a major festival entirely dedicated to sustainability: the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FEST 2021, which, from 6th to 12th November, hosted meetings with international guests, exhibitions and experiential paths at the CityLife Milan. The first edition was an enormous success and – confirming that environmental sustainability is a key principle in our agenda – we are already at work on the next one.