The genius of Michelangelo was expressed throughout a mark, recognizable in all of his works. A line left by a pencil on a paper, a chisel stroke upon marble, a brush touch.
Vodafone paid homage to Rome with an extraordinary videomapping show on the façade of the Palazzo Senatorio in Campidogliothat highlighted the architecture that Michelangelo designed – thus unrevealing its elements by means of light, giving life to the various parts of the palace with a 3D animation, and providing a magnificent historical surface with a second technological animated skin.
The music, by Dj Alex Farolfi (RadioDeejay) blended with the images in a videomapping 3D live VJ set, in the splendid framework of the Fountain of Dea Roma.
Thanks to The Drop Vision (augmented reality applied on 3D projections), by D-Wok, the façade of the Palazzo Senatorio has “come to life” and narrated the beauties of the Italian capital city.
Prodea Group was in charge of the artistic project, including its production and general coordination, which was based on a Paolo Gep Cucco’s concept, production manager – Lisa Baudino.