Prodea organized the 35 stages of the FEELS GIANT DAY, an inspirational experience linked to the “gigantic” features of the new vehicle.
The goal of the Mercedes-Benz Citan Dealer Tour was to present the new Citan to dealership customers in order to bring out strongly the leap made compared to the previous version. The creative proposal of Prodea Group has been linked to the ATL communication of the new Citan and in particular to the claim “Feels Giant – The all new Mercedes-Benz Citan”, with an event format designed to balance vehicle’s novelties story-telling with entertainment.
To this end, Prodea created an over sized setting: a giant world, with a huge table, maxi cutlery, maxi glasses, magnum format wine bottles and a gigantic salted panettone (created by Master Baker Chef Gabriele Spinelli, who combined panettone traditional recipe with the pleasant and unprecedented surprise of mortadella cubes).

In short, a real “table for giants”, completed by a giant mosaic of chocolates arranged to form the claim “Feels Giant”. This kind of “chocolate installation” was born from the close collaboration between Prodea Group and Venchi, masters of Piedmontese chocolate since 1878.
In just two days, on 26 and 27 November 2021, the tour simultaneously touched 35 Mercedes-Benz dealerships throughout Italy, immersing over 1,500 customers in an emotional and scenic atmosphere, with a result of 175 kilograms production of panettone, 11,200 chocolates tasted and 125 magnum bottles of wine served.