People are the engine for generating new ideas and the channel to offer quality services. When people identify with the company, when people feel recognized in merit, in every day important work they carry out, then you can only celebrate and honor them.It is with this goal that for three years in a row, before the pandemic exploded, we organized conventions in honor of Esselunga employees, with 25 years of company seniority.

Ibm Studios in Milan, at Piazza GaeAulenti and Triennale are the two chosen locations to accommodate the awaited events, where top management and the property gathered to personally reward employees of all levels and to thank them in a sincere and participated way for their important daily work.A day dedicated to employees, prepared with meticulous care, where Prodea group supports Esselunga’s team with video content production, with 240 employees travel and reception handling, with speech support and coordination.