The December 2021 FASTWEB Vision Meeting saw 2600 people involved in a hybrid event: 250 new employees attending live and 2312 remotely.
Megawatt Court was the location that could safely accommodate all participants. Security protocols have been one of the main issues of the event.
The big location was divided in different areas combining reception, welcome and refreshments wide areas, restaurant areas for participants comfort and security.
A meeting room hosting the main stage, triangular in shape, where Alberto Calcagno gave his speech from; a secondary stage to welcome the moments of performance that marked and accompanied the focal passages of the speech.

A see-through led screen, ceiling-high and 18 metres long separated the areas. Stunning effect of alternating moments where infographic and video contents were visible to moments whenthe screen was totally transparent allowing to see the musicians on the secondary stage, creating an immersive experience.A live chat was active and dedicated to remote participants to guarantee their involvement and particpation. Remote participants were able to actively participate in the event, through a dedicated live chat, and thanks to a television directing, with 6 cameras, the event was memorable.