For the third time in a row, ISP has entrusted the project “WINNING COMPANIES” to Prodea Group.
A program to turn the spotlight on the excellence of Made in Italy, on virtuous SMES (PMI), heart productive and backbone of the country’s economy. Companies that express the best of the territories and that invest in advanced business models.From the design of the format, reworked to keep up with evolving times, to contents elaboration, from the production to technical direction.
A new format, entirely on stream, broadcast live,simultaneously on Ansa website and on the institutional ISP website.

8 thematic episodes, dealing with themes spanning from digitization to the third sector, from internationalization to human capital. Each episode hosted 14 Winning Companies, selected according to very strict criteria, giving them a way to introduce and promote their business; one masterclass, held by university professors, journalists or luminaries of the sector, completed the schedule, giving food for thought and aspiration ideas to those in connection.To close the digital tour, a hybrid event, held at Superstudio Più location in Milan, and curated in collaboration with Studio Ambrosetti.