Press conference of the range of the New MINI 3 and 5-door and Cabrio, 40 national press journalists in groups of 10 per day.
The event conceptcaptures the global communication campaign “THE BIG LOVE”: a great love that brings all people together, putting aside every difference and inequality.
In perfect match with communication campaign concept, the presentation was held at the IED – Istituto Europeo di Design Milano new headquarters, located in Via Piranesi, a perfect location for the brand MINI, that finds its identity in design and color, place of comparison, cultural and thought melting pots.

At the end of the presentation, journalists boarded the cars following three different test drive routes designed specifically for the different types of car presented.
Given the restrictions still in place due to Covid-19, each participant was provided with a Picnic Lunch Box to resume the theme of travel and outdoor life, along each route a Green Point where they could stop for lunch, was suggested.In the perspective of BIG LOVE, however, the guests were not alone. To accompany them along the test drive, a cute plush Bulldog MINI, mascot of the brand, was sitting in the passenger seat.