A molecule of fluid becomes the narrative element of the entire inauguration event of the new Petronas research center. Prodea Group developed, designed and conceived the concept recreating a “Fluid Experience Performance” that told in a 360 ° view the Petronas brand, the plant’s past born as Fiat Oli Lubrificanti, and the future of the research center. International guests, media, journalists and authorities witnessed the revealing opening moment: the positioning of a molecule on the activator, unveiling with the aid of an outstanding kabuki system that freed a huge silk fabric to the ground revealing the structure of the research center. The guests entered the foyer to watch a performance synchronized with the images on the LED screens and the piloted flight of three helium drones that represented the molecules inserted in a dynamic flow of images and actions. Then, the visit to the new laboratories began, closing with a series of speeches that involved FCA and CNH Industrial to tell the future of fluid technologies.